Business Received in Business LEADers Group

This is a voluntary page to note leads received from members that has resulted in business . Received from: If you have received business from a member or from a lead from a member Sent to: If you have given business to a member or from a lead to a member. Some industries are not allowed to name their clients. In that case the customer is allowed to name the vendor. The vendor will be asked to verify that business has taken place.

Name, Company

2015 Received Business From

Aloha West Insurance

Stan Quinn:Home Insurance, 3 Cars, Earthquake
Taskers Automotive

Ameriprise Financial

Stan Quinn: 2 ROTH IRAs, 401K

Berger Insurance

Catherine Goff Massage Therapy

Stan Quinn: 1 visit
Taskers Automotive

CoMerica Bank Toni Lustig Gloria Watson, Mission Federal Credit Union
Cruz Landscaping Taskers Automotive,
Pizza Realty
Gloria Watson Mission Fed Credit Union

Dr Bruce George

Stan Quinn exam, Olivia Quinn exam & glasses, Ryan Quinn exam
Taskers Automotive

Ana Ivan Seamstress

Glynn Roofing

 Taskers Automotive

Hill Chiropractic & Wellness

Stan Quinn– 1 visit
Taskers Automotive
Gloria Watson

Holly Home Carpets

John Trudell CPA

Stan Quinn– Taxes

Logo Expressions Sheryl O’Hara Jones

Dr. Ron Garner

Mission Federal Credit Union Gloria Watson
Pizza Realty

Quinn’s Rapid Recharger Quinns Rapid Recharger

Received Business From:

Ambassador Property Mgmt
Dr Hill
Dr Ron Garner
Dr Bruce George
John Trudell
Security Plumbing
Shari Leonard plus 2 outside leads
Taskers Auto
Jim Nardi
Pass N Go Smog
Stacey Bacon
Pizza Realty
Berger Insurance

Shari Leonard

Mac Ghaderpanah (Tasker’s Auto)
Stacey Smith-Bacon (Wireless Wellness)
Gloria Watson – Mission Federal Credit Union
Dr. Ronald Garner
Ana Ivan-Barrier
Jim Nardi (Capital Loan Associates)
Raul Ramirez (V&R Upholstry)
Terry Van Kirk (TVK Designs)
John Trudell (Trudell & Associates)
Joe Clair (Holly Homes Carpet & Interiors)

Security Plumbing

Taskers Auto Repair

StanQuinn– All Repairs & Tires needed for Corolla, Matrix, Scion, Fit
Stacey Smith-Bacon
Mike Coons
Dr David Hill
Jose Cruz
Catherine Goff
Jim Nardi
Dr Bruce George

Tec-Knowlogy Source

Town & Country Chem-Dry

V&R Upholstery

 Taskers Automotive

Vista Printing

Jim Nardi Mortgage

TVK Designs